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After months in lockdown I couldn't wait for hair salons to re-open so I combined a trip to London to see my son with the chance to visit a vegan salon in London. I'd only heard good things about. Whip is an ‘eco-friendly boutique hairdresser, barber and music lounge’ located in up and coming Hackney although they also have a branch in Homerton. As thre pandemic isn't over, hygiene and social distancing was ever present here. Customers wore masks and the stylists were in facemasks and PPE. This felt strange but I appreciate their dedication to safety and it was all well-organised and they made me feel as comfortable as possible.

Whip uses only highly-effective and professional grade vegan and eco-friendly colouring and styling products on your tresses, you get that luxury feel without the use of planet harming products. Usually, they offer customers complimentary beverages of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind that are vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable but due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis hygiene and safety is paramount. I'm looking forward to returning when things settle back to normal to get the full luxury experience.

Sustainability is hot right now and WhiP has filled a vital gap in the market and created a salon that is perfect for vegans or anyone concerned about our detrimental effect on the planet. Hair products are stored in plastic bottles, free of harsh chemicals that can wreck both the planet and our scalps and importantly are cruelty-free meaning no animals were harmed in their production. These products are highly effective for even the most complicated hair concerns. My hair felt amazing after my cut. My hair can be very dry and frizzy but I stepped out of the salon with soft, swishy hair.

Sustainability Credentials

WhiP carefully cherry-pick the brands they use and they all have to align with the salon's sustainability ethics. They currently use Evo, Oway and Olaplex which offer vegan, organic, cruelty-free products for all hair types.

What about recycling? All the packaging and hair waste disposed of in the salon is 100% recycled.

WhiP also uses an eco water system with waste-less-water shower heads. They also forego traditional foils for a more eco-friendly paper version.

WhiP is decked out in second hand or upcycled pieces.

They also carefully select creative and eco-friendly local drinks partners with ethics similar to their own.

inside of whip vegan salon

The Decor

The first thing I noticed on entering was the fabulous kitschy decor; very 70s vintage with old fashioned salon chairs, a light and breezy decor and lots of great little touches like the art deco style mirror.

The walls were adorned with vintage wares, and as a vegan salon they only use cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly hair products like those by Evo and Oway. This salon was certainly a feast for the eyes.

inside of whip vegan salon  in London

The Cut

I had my hair seen to by a lovely stylist called Jimmy Mac. After a discussion about what kind of style I wanted and a few suggestions on what would suit my hair best I was led over to the basin to get my hair washed. For me, this is the best part of getting my hair done in a salon. There's something super relaxing about getting your head massaged as part of the shampooing process. I was so relaxed I could easily have fallen asleep.

I was then lead back to my chair where Jimmy Mac cut and styled my hair. The final style was exactly what I wanted - full of shape, light and bouncy but without losing too much length.

photo of me on red backfground

The Verdict

WhiP is exactly what I was looking for - a vegan salon with eco friendly credentials that offers great service, a great haircut and seriously laid back vibes. Trendsetters will love this place but it is trendy without being pretentious. What I was surprised about was the price - my haircut came in at under £50, which is astounding for a vegan salon in London. I pay almost that in my local hairdressers up in the usually much cheaper Yorkshire.

I left feeling happy with my cut and raring to go back. Next time I plan to get my hair coloured and cut. A guilt free hairstyle - yes please!

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  1. Kayleigh Zara wrote:

    Under £50 for a hair cut in London is beyond amazing! It also looks so good, the fact that they are vegan specialists too, even better!

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply
  2. Cassie wrote:

    That salon looks adorable! And I love the haircut!

    Posted 7.10.20 Reply