Procida Italy: A special 40th

For Mark's 40th birthday we headed to the beautiful island of Procida, Italy which is a quick 45 minute journey from Naples Harbour. It cost roughly 15 euros for our tickets across the water. Procida is a beautiful but small island characterised by colourful buildings overlooking the water. Restaurants and bars line the coast in the middle of the island. We ventured off the ferry and made our way through the buildings to reach our hotel. The little brick buildings of Procida sit on a slope and the view from high up is amazing. It looks out onto the sea. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and made our way down to the waters edge which is where are all the restaurants and bars were located.

Procida Italy

procida italy

Festival Time

During our visit a religious festival was taking place. We don't speak Italian, so we didn't get the full gist of it. But there was definitely a big commotion on the island. Whilst walking from our hotel to the restaurant, we noticed the whole pathway was blocked by people outside the church. The priest then made his way down from the church to the sea with a crowd of people following him. It was quite a sight to behold.  Later on that night we witnessed massive fireworks in the sky. Boats also headed out to sea all lit up and the sky filled with fireworks.

procida italy

Nighttime in Procida, Italy

The restaurant where we enjoyed dinner was so beautiful, high up on the mountain perched above the sea. It looked down to the restaurants and bars below. Like a lot of places in Italy, it really came alive at night. Procida is full of narrow stone pathways with a Mediterranean feel full of bakeries, shops and bars. Had to watch where we walked because mopeds and motorcycles were everywhere.

At the restaurant we enjoyed amazing seafood and exquisite prosecco which is of course quite local to the area. We then headed back down to the coast for cocktails to finish off our night.

procida italy

Sitting in the nighttime sun, drink in hand, looking out to the sea. Candlelight everywhere, people milling around speaking Italian, children running around even though it was 10:30 at night made for a very good evening. Something about family life in Italy that I find really endearing. It's not parents leaving their kids at home and heading down to a restaurant for dinner and drinks. Here whole families go along. Italian tourists flock to Procida because it's such a beautiful island. I really can see why they go back year after year. I wish we had more time in Procida.

We were only there for a day and it's definitely somewhere I would like to go back to. I can highly recommend visiting this timeless island but it is often overlooked by tourists. So if you get the chance, jump on the ferry and make your way over to the island. It was the one place that we went to that wasn't overrun with tourists and of course that makes for a very nice trip.

Is Procida worth visiting?

In our opinion it is a definite yes. Make your way to the top of the island, through the winding streets to really get the best view, you can't really replicate the views that you can receive from up there. If we had more time I would have liked to hire a boat and go out to sea. We plenty of Italians on their boats, It is the perfect way to cool down from the blistering heat and there's something quite exciting about going out in a boat. When we visited Venice last year instead of staying in a hotel we stayed on a boat. I found the rocking at night really soothing and for helping me get to sleep and then you got up in the morning and went out outside to enjoy breakfast in the sunshine. Amazing!

I definitely look forward to seeing more of the Italian islands, you see them all over Instagram but even overly edited pictures can't rival seeing it in person.

Where to stay in Procida

We stayed at the beautiful Procidabella which is nestled inside the tiny village full of tiny windy lanes but not far from the restaurants and bars of the coastal town. Our room cost us 77 euros for one night.

How to get to Procida Island

Getting to Procida 

If Procida is your only destination and you are flying in. Naples is the nearest airport. From the airport you can get a taxi to either Molo Beverello and Porta di Massa. From there'll you'll need to take the ferry. Procida is located just over 20km away from Naples.

Ferry crossing Naples - Procida

The ferry service between Naples and Procida is operated by SNAV and Caremar and you can find a timetable here. The ferry crossing takes approximately 40 minutes if you take the more expensive option. The cheaper option takes just over an hour. There are 19 journeys per day. The first ferry is at 6.15am and the last one is at 9.55pm. Prices range from 10.60-19 euros. It leaves from two different harbours with Naples. Molo Beverello and Porta di Massa. The journey is quick and easy in fairly comfortable and large ferries.

Where to eat

Procida has many amazing restaurants and these are just a few of our favourites.

La Lampara
Via Marina di Corricella, 88, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

Via Marina di Corricella, 62, 80079 Procida NA, Italy
Tonino La Conchiglia
Via Pizzaco, 10, 80079 Procida NA, Italy

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