Pinterest Marketing - 100k views in 3 weeks

As a new blogger, growing my traffic has been one of my key aims. As a new site I get barely any traffic from Google search so I dived headfirst into Pinterest, Quite a few people have asked how I've managed to grow my Pinterest account so quickly - I've gone from a brand new account to over 100,000 monthly views on Pinterest in just three weeks. In this post I'll go through the steps I followed to make this happen.

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for many bloggers and just three weeks in my daily visits from the site range between 50 to 100 visits per day and this is just in 3 weeks. It does require some time investment but with the right kind of strategy you will start to see results very quickly.

So here is how I did it!

Pinterest Marketing

Step 1 Optimise your boards

pinterest marketing

When I was selecting which boards to create I decided to align the topic areas with the the types of content I post on the blog. I gave each one a descriptive name and also selected a category and gave each board a description. Pinterest works a lot like Google so you need to optimise everything you do for search. Descriptions should be keyword rich and describe the content that will be found on the board. I also gave each one a board cover but this step isn't vital. I did this so that visitors can see at a quick glance what it contains. I created graphics that aligned with my blog colour and style as you'll see below. I can't emphasize quite how important it is to not overlook the description field.

pinterest marketing

This is my description for my Europe board:

In this board you'll find amazing travel destinations throughout Europe. Whether you're looking for the best parts of Paris, where to visit in Scandinavia or what to see in Budapest. This is the board for you. You'll find dream escapes, travel tips and tricks for Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.’

Step 2 Join Tailwind

I use Tailwind to manage my Pinterest account and pinterest marketing, it is a huge time Saver and has a variety of features that I've found vital in growing my Pinterest account. There are a variety of accounts ranging from a free account for 100 pins per month to the Plus Annual account which lets you schedule unlimited pins. I opted for the Plus account on annual renewal. You can also get a monthly plus plan for $15 each month but that one limits you to 400 pins per month. In terms of investment in the blog, the $120 Tailwind has cost me has been one of my best investments. Tailwind gives you access to in-depth analytics of your content and a whole host of other benefits. I'll go into the other features in this article and discuss the ones I've used to grow my account. Want to try out Tailwind. Sign up via this link and get $15 off (equal to one free month of their plus account raising your pin limit from 100 to 400).

Step 3 Create multiple pins for each post

To start off I created 8 unique pin designs for each post with varying text overlays and photos. On Pinterest pins with text overlays perform better. When posting to Pinterest, we want to try to maintain a ratio of 50% of your own pins and 50% from others. To do this you'll need a variety of pin designs. If you post the same pin to the same board without a sufficient gap you'll likely get your account flagged as being spammy. On top of this once a week I create four new pin designs for each post and add those to my tailwind queue. I use Canva to create my PIN designs and I find it very quick and easy to do. Obviously, if you have 100 posts you probably wouldn't want to have to create 8 designs for each post but as a new blog I have a limited number of posts. With a large number of posts you don't have to to create new ones each week to see results as soon I will introduce you to Tailwind's Smartloop feature which allows you to repost pins at regular intervals.

Step 4 Use Tailwind Smartloop

Smartloop is a fantastic pinterest marketing feature and I utilise it to ensure that I'm constantly posting content to Pinterest. It has two different features -1 for posting evergreen content and one for posting seasonal content. You set board rules and Tailwind does the rest. I advise setting it up so that Tailwind only posts to the same board once every 5 months because if you post too close together you'll get your account flagged. This feature allows me me to just start the loop and then forget about it. Plus accounts are limited to 250 Smartloop posts each month but you can buy upgrades to increase this number. Below you'll see how I have SmartLoop setup.

pinterest marketing

Step 5 Tribes

One of the best pinterest marketing features is tailwind tribes. 

Tailwind Tribes are groups of Pinterest users sharing each others content to expand reach. You can share pins to tribes that you join and also share other people's content.

It is great for:

  1. Finding content to share to your own boards
  2. Expanding the reach of your own content

This explainer video explains it well:

There are thousands of tribes covering every topic imaginable. You can search for tribes to join or browse by topic. Some you can join instantly and others require approval

  • Tribemates add content to the tribe and this is available for you to find by going into the tribe's feed.
  • People share your content to their own boards and you can also share the content of others. 
  • All tribemates agree to share content in return for submitting your own pins for sharing.
  • This makes it easy to quickly and easily curate new content.
  • Get more saves and re-shares of your content

How Much Does It Cost?

Tribes are available for all accounts.

  • Free accounts gets to join a maximum of 5 Tribes and submit 30 pins per month.
  • Purchase “Power Ups” to increase submissions. I upgraded to a plan that included unlimited tribe memberships and 200 posts per month.

Step 6 Optimise your pins

Optimising your pins is a vital part of my pinterest marketing strategy and expanding my reach. Like search engine SEO practices pin descriptions should be utilised to ensure that your content can be easily found. With my pins I write a description of the article that the pin directs to and I also use hashtags . Hashtag research can be performed from within the Pinterest app by starting to create a new pin and placing a hashtag in the description field.

For example I may have an article that I want to direct traffic to around 'Italy', so I would type in #italy and Pinterest will display a list of hashtags starting with #italy and tell me how many pins currently exist on that topic. People can search by a hashtag or by term when somebody searches via hashtag and if it matches your own hashtag your pin may be displayed. Pinterest shows results in reverse chronological order so the newest pins are shown at the top.

SEO on Pinterest is much simpler than Google since you don't require a tonne of backlinks for your site to actually appear in results. Pinterest is a clever search engine as it can pull through a variety of data from your pins, it can even read text overlays on images. I highly advise embracing Pinterest SEO to get your pins seen by more people. This has been vital in helping me grow my account from a brand new account to 100,000 monthly Pinterest views.

Pinterest SEO Checklist

  • Do you have keywords in your display name?
  • Have you added relevant keywords to your bio?
  • Have you added your location?
  • Have you optimised your board titles with keywords?
  • Have you added keyword descriptions to all of your boards?
  • Have you added a category to all your boards?
  • Have you used keywords on your Pins?
  • Have you added a keyword image file name to your Pins?
  • Have you added hashtags to your Pin descriptions?

Do you have keywords in your display name?

Here you should be adding popular search terms that are relevant to the topic area of your blog. To find popular search terms use the Pinterest search bar to see what suggested terms come up.

Have you added relevant keywords to your bio?

Your bio description must contain relevant keywords, be concise & clear, and speak to your ideal reader. It should be very clear what kind of content they can expect to find on your page.

Have you added your location?

This is important for Pinterest users who sell or promote local services and content.

Have you optimised your board titles with keywords?

In Pinterest your whole profile is searchable and that is true even with board titles so to ensure the best results make sure these contain relevant keywords.

Have you added keyword descriptions to all of your boards?

Like board titles descriptions are also searchable. You'll have more space to play with here so ensure you fully utilise the space and create a keyword-laden board description.

Have you added a category to all your boards?

Tell people what topic your board covers.

Have you used keywords on your Pins?

This is even more vital than any of the other steps. Allow pwoplw to discover your pins by telling them what it is all about.

Have you added a keyword image file name to your Pins?

Like conventional SEO titling your images using keywords is an important step.

Have you added hashtags to your Pin descriptions?

VERY IMPORTANT! Users can search by hashtags so don't skip this step.

Step 7 Consistency is key

To really grow on Pinterest you need to be consistent. As part of my Pinterest marketing strategy I ensure that I have around 50 pins going out every single day. Tailwind makes this process much easier and I only spend around an hour a week scheduling in content. Tailwind also knows when the optimum times to post are and automatically schedules the content to post at those times.

So there you have it, my Pinterest marketing strategy. Want to try out Tailwind. Sign up via this link and get $15 off.

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  1. Lisa wrote:

    Wow, this is SUCH a helpful post, I thought I was doing OK on Pinterest but I've just learned I'm not, haha. I need to optimise all my boards and start creating more pins per blog post, something I just haven't done. Once I crack that I will definitely look into Tribes. Thank you for laying this all out so clearly, I've bookmarked it to refer back to when I get myself organised! 🙂 Lisa

    Posted 9.19.19 Reply
  2. Jeffrey wrote:

    Awesome post. I've been looking into pinterest but now that I know these tips, I think I can do better. Time to start designing

    Posted 9.19.19 Reply
  3. Bontle Lebelo wrote:

    Extremely insightful. Thank you for sharing. xx

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