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Of all the places we've visited so far, Italy is at the top. There is a lot to fall in love with in this delightful country. The food is amazing, the people are friendly and there is an endless amount of things to see and do. With so much choice on offer deciding what to do can be a ginormous task. The country is varied and where you go depends on what your interests are. Maybe you will love the rolling hills of Tuscany, the hustle and bustle of Rome or the beautiful art of Florence. In this post i'll gather up all the information you'll need to plan your trip and make the most of your trip to Italy once you're there.

Why Italy?

Italy is a country filled with stunning historic buildings, amazing restaurants, beautiful coastlines and varied metropolitan cities. The Roman empire once dominated the world and this historic era can be seen throughout the country. Italians have a lust for life, a social nature and they're a welcoming nation. Millions descend on Italy each year for good reason and there is an endless amount of things to do there. You could spend a month there and only just scratch the surface. We've been twice so far and the second trip was two weeks long but there is still so much for us to go back for. It is a small country but it manages to pack in so many iconic sights for such a small space.

My Italy guides

When is the best time to visit Italy?

There are so many factors to consider when deciding on the best time to visit Italy. For us, late spring is the ideal time. We've visited in the height of summer and also in spring and spring wins hands down. In spring, there are less crowds, milder weather and accommodation prices are lower. Summer has its own strengths though. There is a lot more on in the summer months. This tends to be when most of the large festivals take place, there's much less chance of rain too. Italians tend to leave the cities for the summer though so if you like holidays where you mingle with the locals there will be much less chance of this in the summer.

So the quick answer is the perfect time to visit is in the months of April-June.

How much does a trip to Italy cost?

How long is a piece of string? You can do Italy on a budget but you can also spend a fortune. This all depends on what you see and do and also whether you're happy in budget accommodation without all the bells and whistles or whether you crave luxury. During our two week itinerary we spent £800 each on accommodation, flights and travel and around £70 per day on food and trips. The beauty of Rome is that so much of the iconic sights are architecturally based so free to see. Of course many let you explore the inside for a fee but these aren't extortionately priced. Prices are also dependant on location. Large tourist filled areas will usually be more expensive whilst off the beaten path places will cost less. You can easily eat out at a nice restaurant with a good bottle of wine for 30 euros each.

How long should I spend in Italy?

There's no right answer to this question but I'll give you a guide on how long you'll need in some of Italy's most popular spots. These timescales take into account the time needed to visit some of its most famous sights.

  • Rome - 3 days
  • Venice - 2 days
  • Florence - 2 days
  • Naples - 3 days
  • Amalfi Coast - 2-3 days
  • Bologna - 1-2 days
  • Pisa - 1-2 days
  • Lake Garda - 2-3 days
  • Verona - 1-2 days

Essential info

Language: Italy's language is Italian with varying levels of English spoken throughout.

Currency: The currency in Italy is the Euro.

Plugs: The plugs in Italy are Type C, F, and L. This type is different to both the UK and the US so take an adapter with you.

Getting Around: Train is the easiest way to travel across Italy. They are low in price and run frequently and mostly on time. Travelling around a city can be done via foot, bus or metro. The metro in Rome was incredibly cheap at around 1 Euro 30 for a single journey.


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