Nailing your pre launch checklist

So you've got a great new product, service or blog and you are ready to unleash it on the world but launching something new needs a plan to ensure it is a success. This site was months in the making, so this pre-launch checklist are the steps I went through prior to launch.

Taking time to plan for your launch is imperative to ensure it is a success. Dedicating time to this pre-launch checklist will reap huge rewards and who doesn't love a good plan!

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a launch and in this guide I'll walk you through the steps you need to take to make it work for you.

01. Research, research, research: The first step of any plan should be to do some research. There's no point creating a product that there isn't a market for. Luckily, in the age of the internet there are many ways to do this - keyword research, polls, emails - you could even utilise a research company.

02. Define your audience: Know who you are targeting. You can't be all things to all people so knowing your audience and the challenges they face is vital in marketing your product.

03. Get some beta testers: Once you have your product created, test it with your ideal audience. Gauge what price they'd be willing to pay and gain feedback on any improvements that need to be made

04. Set your goals: Decide what your targets or goals. It could be number of website visits, number of purchases, number of new clients or even how many social media followers you'll gain.

05. Stir up excitement: Use your social channels to stir up excitement and tease your audience of what's to come. If you have a launch date you could even have a 'countdown'.

06. Start building your list: you'll want to start building your list as early as possible. You can use your social channels to encourage sign ups.

07. Create launch emails: Prior to your launch start working on email sequences. Email sequences are a series of emails sent out to your list. The best email provider to use for this is Flodesk. Their templates are beautiful and they offer segmentation, automation and sequences. Click the link to benefit from 50% off for the lifetime of your account. This includes unlimited subscribers and emails.

08. Freebies: Decide which freebies you'd like to offer to new signups. Freebies make a great lead magnet.

09. Plan your timeline: Plan in key dates. Work backwards from your launch date and plan in important promotion strategies such as teaser posts, hen emails will go out, when the website will go live etc.


  • Purchase website hosting. I use Stablepoint. They are low cost but offer great customer service.
  • Choose a theme or hire a designer to create your site. I used Elementor Pro to create this site and I'd highly recommend it. It is a drag and drop page builder that is very easy to use and costs under $50.
  • Create the look and feel of your brand. Logo, submark, colours and fonts should all be decided prior to designing your site. You can find a variety of templates on sites like Creative Market.
  • Design and create the emails you will be sending out to subscribers as part of your pre and post launch process.
  • Setup your social media channels, if necessary.
  • Create covers for your Twitter and Facebook pages and choose profile pictures for all networks, this can be a photo of yourself or your logo. You can also create board covers for your Pinterest profile.
  • Design Pinterest and Instagram story templates. You can use Canva for this or if you have access to Photoshop you can purchase templates online.
  • Create any ebooks you'll be using as lead magnets.


  • Offer early bird signups at a reduced rate or free extras
  • Create a landing page or coming soon page with email capture options
  • Capture testimonials from your beta testers, you can use these for social media posts and on your sales page/emails
  • Use social channels to run a give-away

I hope you'll use this pre-launch checklist to ensure your new launch goes off with a bang and is a huge success.

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