London Itinerary - 7 amazing experiences

London holds a very special place in my heart and I've always had amazing weekends there. I've explored various areas in the city. London has so much to see and do and you could never be bored there. My son has just moved there himself to attend the University of London so I'm sure I'll be spending some more amazing weekends there. Whatever your interests there's something sure to interest you in this amazing city. It is full of amazing places to eat, brilliant things to do do, awesome sights to see and of course let's not forget fantastic shopping. In this guide I'll share 7 of my favourite things to do in London, some of these are outside the mainstream whilst others are more popular.

London Itinerary

1. The Prince Charles Cinema

This cinema has played host to a variety of events but my favourite thing to do there is go to their movie marathons. Picture this - sitting in your PJs in a beautiful cinema watching movies all night. That's pretty much what you get with the movie marathons and they cover all sorts of films. It's also worth paying a visit to take part in their singalongs. Particular favourites are The Rocky Horror Show and Grease because who doesn't know the songs in these films, they're part of Pop Culture history and what better way to celebrate these amazing films than to sing along.

2. Shoreditch

No visit to London is complete without a visit to Shoreditch. The hipster in me loves this jewel in London's crown. It's full of hip bars, coffee shops, independent stores and amazing restaurants. It really is a great little area that's gone through massive renovations in the past decade. It was never anything special but has been transformed and gentrified into a must-visit location.

3. Chelsea

You may know this suburb in London thanks to the TV show Made in Chelsea but it's more than just rich people with amazing hair. Chelsea is host to the best selection of restaurants that you'll find anywhere in London. No matter what your taste you'll find something here to suit. I couldn't rave more about this beautiful area. It is an upmarket area so even the houses look beautiful. It's definitely an Instagram worthy spot but explore the area for yourself and discover some new favourite haunts.

4. Chinatown

I love Chinatown so much! No visit to London is complete without a visit here. It's great for eating out and it's prices are low. Stop by the bubble tea place to enjoy my favourite Taiwanese beverage with little jelly balls in them. It really is amazing. I've been to other bubble tea places outside of London but none of them have been as good as the bubble tea I enjoyed here. You'll find a beauty store here that only sells imported Asian brands. I love Korean beauty brands and this is where you'll find them in London. Tony moly, Etude House and more can be found here and the packaging is stunning. You really won't find better beauty packaging than those used for Korean brands. It is all so pretty and decadent, definitely pick up some pieces while you're here

5. Camden

This is an unusual place. It's a mix of alternative culture fused with that unique London style. It's chock full of shops with low price points you can pretty much pick up anything in Camden, it even has a wide selection of vintage and antique stores, sex shops, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants. Amy Winehouse was regularly seen out in Camden and she actually lived in the area. It's easy to get to as it situated near London Euston so it's a quick Metro journey from London Euston. Anyone who visits London should make sure to pay Camden a visit.

6. The Japan Centre

This place sells a lot of things whether Japanese food, sweets or sushi are your thing. Grab some takeaway sushi and eat it on the go. There's clothing, kitchen items, beauty items and even Japanese magazines and let me tell you Japanese magazines are amazing. Even though I can't read a word the beauty tutorials they have inside them are amazing and so different to English mags. You can find the Japan Centre a quick walk from Piccadilly and I highly recommend you stop by and check it out.

7. Sake No Hana

Talking about things Japanese my favourite ever Japanese restaurant is in London. It's called Sake No Hana and it does the most amazing food. The interior is beautiful and traditionally Japanese and here's a fun fact. I only discovered this place because I was taken there on a date. The date was awful but I fell in love with the food. It does a variety of dishes and creates seasonal menus. If you get the chance to stop by at the right time, try the cherry blossom menu. I went there and sampled this menu and the tastes and textures were out of this world. The service here is second to none and you couldn't get better food pretty much anywhere. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit and I always stop by when I'm in London.

So there you have it 7 amazing experiences and things to do while you're exploring London make sure to add all of these to your London itinerary if you're planning to visit the capital anytime soon.

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