Our stay in Halkidiki Greece + Hotel Review

Last year, we spent a week exploring the lovely little Greek Village of Chaniotis, Halkidiki, Greece. It is an often overlooked area that has a charm all of its own. We stayed at the hotel Apolamare, which is a beautiful 5-star hotel and we opted for the all-inclusive option. We had a big room with a balcony and a TV and the hotel itself sat on the beach and was centrally located.

In this post, I will discuss this delightful little European getaway cover the highlights and the hotel in more detail. We visited in early October. It was right at the end of tourist season. It actually rained on our last 2 days, so ideally if we went again I'd go earlier. As it was so late in the season quite a few of the the shops, bars and cafes had started to close down for the season.

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Chaniotis Halkidiki Greece

Chaniotis, Halkidiki, Greece is very small and only has a population of around 900 but it is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. We landed at Macedonia airport and took a transfer from there which was organised by our holiday provider. It took approximately an hour and a half including stops at other hotels to get there. We arrived late at night so we dropped our luggage in the room and took a little wander down to the sea.

There are some truly stunning views and even at night it looked lovely. In the morning we headed down for breakfast. Our hotel put on a beautiful spread and you can even have some Prosecco if morning drinking is your thing. The benefit of going all-inclusive is that all our meals were included. They had buffet style meals with a huge selection and also all our drinks and snacks were included. We still had some meals out as even with all-inclusive we still wanted to try local restaurants.

Chaniotis Village

The centre of the village was a quick 5-10 minute walk from our hotel so we were perfectly located to explore. The town is full of full of restaurants, shops ranging from supermarkets to jewellers and cute little bars. One thing we did notice in Greece is that you get a lot of dogs wandering the streets. One day we took a walk to a nearby Village and the dog followed us all the way from our hotel to the village. They're not rabid but there seemed to be a lot of them. It is not something you see in the UK.

Where we stayed

hotel apolamare

The Elinotel Apolamare was a beautiful hotel with a large water feature inside the building. It is a 5-star hotel so the features were exquisite and the whole building was well maintained. It even had an ironing service that you have to pay extra for.

hotel apolamare

The rooms at Apolamare are large and built for comfort. Elegantly decorated, with a furnished balcony. Every room is a perfect respite of tranquility and relaxation. Amenities in the rooms include a bathroom with bath, hairdryer, telephone, flat screen TV, fridge, air-conditioning and an electronic safe.

hotel apolamare

Chaniotis has a blue flag beach with real sand not stones but there are also other beaches in the vicinity. With hindsight, we should have rented a car for this trip as the village is very small and it would have been good to explore more areas although there was a bus service that ran between our village and the nearby ones. So, let's go on to what there is to do nearby.


Pefkochori is a lot bigger than Chaniotis and is located just 3 km away.

Pefkochori has a population of 1600. During tourist season , you can enjoy a rich nightlife with many clubs and bars. There's also a wide variety of restaurants serving traditional Greek and Mediterranean food as well as a selection of seafood restaurants. The beach is lined with bars.

In summer the inner roads are traffic free, allowing tourists to enjoy strolls along the coastline without being inhibited by cars.

You will also find cashpoints and supermarkets.


Polichrono is a delightful seaside town just 4km from Chaniotis. This old village is an instagram-worthy destination and is awash with white stone houses covered in flowers, and Greek tavernas are aplenty in this little village. Polichrono’s beach is 7 km long, blue flag status and perfect white sand. Not as tourist filled as it's neighbours it is a great place to visit while Chanioti.


Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and sits 89km from Chanioti. It's relatively close to Chanioti and makes the perfect day trip destination. Just 2 hours away by road it is a city packed with fun things to do and see.

Church of Saint Dimitrious

This is one of the most important religious monuments in Thessaloniki. It can be found in the centre of the city and is dedicated to their patron saint. It is a 5 aisled basilica that also contains an underground crypt. Like most churches of the era the interior is elaborate with stunning mosaics and a plethora of marble. This is a must visit, take an hour and explore this grand church.

Ladadika District

Ladadika is a great place to get lost in and a spot of exploration. It contains a vast range of restaurants and bars specialising in a variety of cuisines. It is next to the sea and is easily walkable. It has a happy and relaxed atmosphere and has a good choice of things to do. Explore the district by bike which can be hired here, take a boat ride or visit the park. Perfect for those who like a good nightlife or those who enjoy a good meal out.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

The white tower is an iconic landmark in Thessaloniki. It is a beautiful building which is low in price to enter so perfect for budget travellers. It is situated on the seafront near the centre of the city. Climb to the top to enjoy the stellar views. Many of the rooms have printed explanations but unfortunately there is no English translation so a bit of research of your own might be good when visiting here.

Aristotelous Square

This square is in the heart of the city and is quite the site.It is big in size and extremely beautiful. Shops, bars and restaurants surround it. It is the perfect place to while away the hours.

Hopefully that's given you a few ideas for your trip to Chanioti? If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments.

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