The cheapest countries to visit in 2020

We love a good travel bargain but then who doesn't. There's cheap flights aplenty but what about once you get there? Some of the best destination's we've visited have been on the cheaper end. After all the better the bargain the more trips you can financially squeeze in. But where are the cheapest countries to visit?

This is the time of the year when we start planning for next year's trips. We have so many countries on our to-do list but unfortunately we also have to think about our budgets since we both have children and daily lives to pay for and one of us has a son who is just about to enter university. But there's a country out there for pretty much every budget so let us introduce you to the cheapest countries to visit in 2020.


Nicaragua is Central America's biggest country. Here you'll find beautiful beaches, surf-worthy waves, pretty villages, volcanoes aplenty and unrivalled islands. Stunning hotels can be found for around the £30 per night mark. This country hasn't yet been spoiled by mass tourism and has hundreds of miles of coastlines. But it is more than just beaches. Admire the architecture of its capital Granada, head to Little Corn Island if you're brave and see the sharks or even climb up a volcano or two.


Laos is another bargain destination that is virtually untouched by tourism. There's plenty to explore in this fantastic country. Venture into the paddy fields, explore its jungle or relax in one of the many remote towns and villages. Accommodation is available for ten pounds per night upwards and a decent hotel is available for just £20. It has stunning landscapes, adventures galore and something for everyone. Whether relaxation is your thing or you're an adrenaline junkie Laos has you covered.


Belarus is perfect for budget travel and its tourism industry is growing. Belarus is a former soviet bloc country and as such shares a lot of the architectural style of Russia. They even have their own KGB building. Belarus is much more modern than it's soviet counterpart though and you'll find plenty of modern restaurants and art galleries. Hotels here are reasonably priced with something for every budget. On top of this you'll find beautiful castles, national parks and picturesque villages.


Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful part of South East Asia. Vietnam is very cheap. The cost of living is extremely low and luxury hotels can cost as little as £20 per night. There's an abundance of culture, amazing food and lovely locals. The Vietnamese are an amazing people and very welcoming. Chomp down on a steaming bowl of noodles for as little as £2, head to Hanoi for beautiful architecture and fine French patisseries. This country has everything - lush forests, beautiful beaches and bustling towns.


Who doesn't love Mexican food? Mexico has great food, friendly natives, some of the world's best beaches and a varied landscape. Whether you want a party place or relaxed beach break Mexico has it all. Mexico is full of amazing places, great history and some of the best clubs in the world.

It is also a very budget friendly place partly due to the peso's struggles.


India is a real shock to the senses. It is a country of contradictions - it is both chaos filled but serene in equal parts. Dirty but clean. Restrictive and free. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful country. It is a vast and amazing country. It can be difficult as it is also extremely poverty stricken but don't let that put you off. India is extremely cheap maybe the cheapest on this list. It is also home to amazing beaches, delicious food, amazing people, great history and impeccable art.

Where else can you get a cheap double room for just $5?


Cuba should be near the top of everyone's list. It is like stepping into 1950s America. It has it all - stunning beaches, tasty food, hospitable locals and gorgeous landscapes, Cuba is extremely diverse and has a bit of everything. Head out at night time for rum cocktails and salsa style dancing.


This small country is very welcoming and very cheap. Head to Tbilisi where you'll find old fashioned houses, Soviet architecture and beautiful landscapes. Georgia is a rare gem, a country not overwhelmed by tourism with lovely people, great food options and a great mish mash of soviet era construction coupled with a spot of modernism. Why not make it your next destination.

So there you have the cheapest countries to visit in 202. Where would you add to the list?


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