Best countries to visit in Europe

Europe is a huge melting pot of amazing destinations, diverse people and iconic landmarks. Whether you like city breaks, beach holidays, great shopping or amazing food Europe has you covered. Now I may be biased since I'm European and Europe is my home but I consider Europe to be the continent with the most to offer. I feel privileged to have so many brilliant holiday destinations right on my doorstop! In this post, I have a roundup of the Best countries to visit in Europe.

We've been lucky enough to have visited quite a few European destinations and each country has had its own particular charm. We've also noticed that everywhere we go we discover at least a few people who speak English so we haven't had to struggle to be understood. The more touristy the area the more likely English is understood. Thankfully google translate comes in handy when you discover your waiter speaks zero English. I don't expect everyone to speak English since English isn't the only language in the world but it sure makes it a lot easier when we do!

So without further ado, these are the best countries to visit in Europe.

The Best countries to visit in Europe


Of all the many countries we've visited so far Italy has been our favourite. It definitely has to be feature on a list of the best places to visit in Europe. It is a country that has everything. Great food, amazing culture, some of the worlds most famous landmarks, beaches, mountains, shopping - the list is endless! For amazing shopping and famous landmarks you can't beat Rome. Rome amazed and surprised me in so many ways. It is reasonably priced even in and around it's iconic landmarks and the people were polite, warm and welcoming. You really can't beat everything Rome has to offer.

If stunning beaches, relaxed living and delicious food are more your thing then Lake Garda should be part of any Italy itinerary. It is a beautiful location filled with plenty to see, do and eat.

Maybe you're a history buff? Then of course you can't beat Naples and a visit to Pompeii! Wandering around this famous location was amazing. You'll be surprised at just how vast it is and how well preserved the buildings are. You'll get a real sense of how the people live.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a wonderful city, made better by the city's natives. You won't find another city like Amsterdam. It's well known for it's legal highs but there is so much more to it than that. Filled with unique bars, culture, history, good food and a banging nightlife. You really can't be bored here. The city is ideal for exploring by bike but be warned they're everywhere. I lost count of the amount of bikes we saw. I think we saw more bikes than people. Gourmet lovers will find something to suit too, Amsterdam is well known for its culinary options. We ate so much when we visited last year. It still remains one of our favourite cities and once you visit you'll understand why.

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Budapest, Hungary

Cheap flights - check, cheap accommodation options - check, cheap food and drink - check! Budapest is a budget lovers paradise. Budget airline Ryanair flies into the city so there are some real bargains to be had. It also benefits from extremely low prices that span everything from food and drink to hotels/apartments. You can nab your own beautiful apartment on Airbnb from £25 per night. Perfect if you like to have your own space, like we do. We were shocked at just how cheap everything was when we arrived. Beer for less than a euro, a 3-course meal around the 10 euro mark. Getting around is cheap too and there is so much to see and do. So much history to explore. Go there, enjoy it, indulge!

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Halkidiki, Greece

If you're looking for a relaxing break then Halkidiki should be on your list. The Greek Islands are great for their stunning beaches, beautiful hotels and great food. If action-packed is your thing then Halkidiki isn't for you but if you like lazing next to the water with a good book the Halkidiki is perfect.

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Paris, France

No visit to Europe is complete without heading to France's capital. Paris has it all - art, culture, food and stellar shopping. Take in the Parisian streets with a pastry and cappuccino in Paris's many cafes or head to The Louvre for a peek at the artistic masters. Feel like an extra in a movie as you take in the city's many film locations. Paris is why France is one of the Best countries to visit in Europe.

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Brussels, Belgium

We spent a lovely few days in Brussels just before Christmas. It is the perfect place to take in the Christmas markets, enjoy some hearty cuisine and take in its unique architectural scene. Whatever you do don't miss the many waffles vans that are dotted around the city.

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Europe has so much to offer. Where would you add to this list?

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