50 easy ways to be more sustainable in your daily life

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With the current state of the planet, sustainability is more important now than ever. Most of us now realise that the planet doesn't have endless resources and that it also has a finite lifespan.

There are so many small things we can do as individuals to help protect this wonderful world that we live in. Of course, we need the governments to step up and take action but we can also play our part.

So let me share with you 50 easy ways to live more sustainably.

  • 1. Use re-usable water bottles/coffee cups
  • 2. Carry re-usable cloth bags
  • 3. Take re-usable containers when food shopping
  • 4. Sign up for a veg box
  • 5. Grow your own herbs and vegetables
  • 6. Use re-usable beauty products.
  • 7. Make your own beauty products where possible
  • 8. When buying new products, do research to minimise packaging
  • 9. Choose multipurpose products
  • 10. Clean with vinegar instead of pricy cleaning products
  • 11. Dry your clothes outside
  • 12. Store your food items properly
  • 13. Re-use food packaging
  • 14. Reduce household energy use
  • 15. Donate and resell
  • 16. Save water by turning taps off when brushing teeth or washing dishes
  • 17. Opt for paperless billing
  • 18. Collect rain water and use for plants
  • 19. Use LED lighting as it lasts longer than conventional lighting
  • 20. Time your showers to conserve water
  • 21. Buy recycled toilet paper with plastic-free packaging
  • 22. Walk or cycle instead of using the car where possible
  • 23. Use public transport for longer journeys
  • 24. Invest in an electric-powered car
  • 25. Buy food items in bulk
  • 26. Carry your own metal straw instead of grabbing single-use straws
  • 27. Eliminate fast fashion and buy secondhand or from sustainable brands
  • 28. Wash clothes less often. Jeans for example don't need washing after 1 wear.
  • 29. Repurpose old clothes into new items
  • 30. Repair clothing instead of replacing
  • 31. Unplug computers and laptops at night
  • 32. Collect scrap paper and use it for note-taking or list-making
  • 33. Use digital business cards instead of printed ones
  • 34. Take lunch to work in a reusable container instead of buying lunch in single-use plastic
  • 35. Make compost with food waste
  • 36. Make your own fresh coffee instead of buying takeaway
  • 37. Replace paper towels with reusable cloths
  • 38. Buy a pressure cooker - it reduces cooking time and thus reduces energy consumption
  • 39. Replace shampoo with shampoo bars
  • 40. Replace shower gel with a lathering soap
  • 41. Eliminate products containing toxic chemicals
  • 42. Keep gift bags and repurpose
  • 43. Use rechargable batteries
  • 44. Donate or sell old gadgets/devices
  • 45. Buy second-hand appliances where possible
  • 46. Go vegan!
  • 47. Switch to a sustainable search engine like Ecosia
  • 48. Send e-gift cards and birthday cards instead of paper and plastic ones
  • 49. Use paper bin liners instead of plastic ones
  • 50. Stop buying bottled water use a water filter system instead

What would you add to the list?

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  1. Bethany Jane wrote:

    These are fantastic tips! I try to follow most of these but there were a couple I hadn't thought of, like using a pressure cooker. I also love Ecosia, it works exactly like Google and its such an easy swap that makes a huge difference!

    Posted 7.22.20 Reply